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Roof Mount Systems

Roof mounted solar systems are the most popular choice for most residential applications.  Because they’re installed on the roof they are easier to get passed when applying for a building permit as they do not affect your lot coverage or infringe on setback requirements.  Generally speaking, your existing roof structure will be strong enough to support the additional weight of a solar system.  And while our solar system’s  attachments to your roof framing are robust enough to withstand 90 mph winds, all of our connections to the roof are mechanically flashed, so leaks from our work are never a problem.  Roof mounting your solar array is the most cost effective way to install solar. If your roof top is visible via Google Earth, we can give a pretty good idea of your solar potential without even having to visit the site. This makes it easy to give you a preliminary assessment fairly quickly so we don’t waste your valuable time. 

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